Floating World

Listening to Anathallo is a musical experience extravaganza. It is epic, vast, and deep. Anathallo uses many different instruments to play their orchestra/folk style. My friend says he hears Celtic influences but I Don’t listen to Celtic so I wouldn’t know.

Majority of the songs start off slow and build up, each instrument coming in at diffrent points slowly building up to an epic finale for each track. There are petrumts, trumbones, guitars, multiple types of percussion, chimes, and many random noise making objects(Ex. Chains). The way all these styles mix together, blend and flow from one track to another is astonishing.

The vocalist has a soft voice that sounds as if he is just holding back all he has not to sing; though, the softness of the voice can make some of the lyrics hard to understand. The lyrics are really abstract and I Don’t know what they are talking about, especially a set of four songs which re-tells a Japenese folk tale that is printed in the cd insert.

If you are turned off by long introductions and mid song instrumentals then this might not be your thing, otherwise, pick this up and support the indie scene!

Guest Writer