Fireproof (remix)

When I first Heard Pillar’s Fireproof CD (The old one, I thought these guys definitely stood out from the crowd of other sophomore and freshman rock bands.

When they Announced their label switch to MCA to go mainstream, I couldn’t think of any better candidates for the opportunity.

When the new FIREPROOF CD came out, I was not disappointed. The new version gives much better stereo sound to the music and has new beats and riffs added to the original tunes. I couldn’t stop listening to the CD for at least a week. With their remix of Fireproof” and “A Shame” They have made an already sweet album even sweeter.

The Only Drawback I could find about this CD is spending another $17 bucks on a CD that to some people may sounds the same as the last. But if you are picking and choosing from their first CD to this one try this one out. You wont regret either one of them.

I just pray these guys get more air play they could certainly make an impact on a world that needs one.

Guest Writer