Finger Painting

The Ember Days is a New Zealand-based indie worship band that has a unique sound to it that at times has a heavier guitar and then a nice piano.

Hope” starts things off with a sound like a morning sunrise that blossoms into a beautiful day as Jason Belcher’s and Logan MacKenzie’s guitars ring out over the whole song. Next is ‘It Is Well”; it has simple lyrics that are somewhat like the original versions. The sound is more laid back and piano driven so the song is more focused on Janell Belcher’s voice which sounds like a cross between Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosley and Fireflight’s Dawn Richardson. “Rest” has a reflective sound with Jason’s and Logan’s guitars soaring; it makes the listener stand back and look at what God has done. In this instrumental the music speaks for itself which is exactly what it should do.

“Finger Painting” is almost 11 minutes of pure beauty. It makes you lay back and listen to Jason’s and Logan’s guitars mix with Jordan MacKenzie’s background drumming making the music feel like It’s flying. The fifth and final song on the EP is “Simple Song ” a breathtaking worship song that makes you wish all worship was like this. With Jordan’s drums rumbling like thunder and Janell’s magnificent voice shining through the whole song.

This little EP is one of the most original worship albums in recent years; I wish more worship bands would put music out like this.

Brian Morrissette