Final Showdown

Final Showdown is In Due Time’s second release, unfortunately it doesn’t show any improvement over their first release. This is tough guy hardcore all the way. If you want to throwdown this is the album to listen to. Lots of energy, breakdowns, and fun parts to scream along.

Nothing really stands out musically, they play fun hardcore, and there isnt’t anything wrong with that. But if you are a metalcore fan and like the crazy guitars, this might not be the album for you. Lyrically, In Due Time has always impressed, straight forward encouraging stuff.

The album is really short, an introduction and concluding instrumentals take up 2 tracks on this 10 track cd. Well there is the secret song that is really cool.

Bottom Line: This is just a fun album. If you like No Innocent Victim, Dodging Bullets or In Due Times first album you will enjoy this one, just Don’t expect something radically different.

Guest Writer