Everything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead, and Nothing is Bleeding

As most of you may know, the vocalist for The Chariot is the ex-Norma Jean singer. Apparently he brought over more than just his vocals because The Chariot sounds a lot like Norma Jean. Though they do have different qualities, there is still that is a lot alike. Lets see how the Chariot holds it’s own.

Brutal, intense, chaotic, super-duper heavy ” these are the best words to describe this CD. The guitars are utterly amazing. I don’t think one time throughout the whole CD that the guitars aren’t delivering an amazing riff. There is some definite talent coming through these guys. Lots of double kicks from the drums, which I enjoy. The bass is very deep and sounds perfect. It isn’t overwhelming it’s just right. Also there are some great breakdowns that I wish I could hear in concert, I bet the pit goes wild.

Though the CD is great, there are some flaws. The length of the cd is only 27 minutes, so the cd can be heard on a trip to the grocery store and back. Also the CD can get repetitious pretty quick. A lot of the material sounds alike.

To break it down, this is a great CD. If you liked Norma Jean, you’ll like the Chariot. They both have the chaotic noise sound. The best way to describe it would be how Bryce said; The Chariot is the only band that can make noise sound good.

Guest Writer