Evening Lights

There hasn’t been too much coming out of the Comeandlive! camp recently until…they signed the independent worship band Home is Calling out of Boston, MA. So of course, like everybody else on the label, their music is up for free on CandL’s website. It seems like ComeandLive! loves to sign bands in the indie worship genre. The only problem with that is whether Home is Calling can stand out from the many other artists on the label in the same genre.

Their music incorporates, along with the indie worship sound, pop prose’s similar to Coldplay and One Republic and can venture into indie rock similar to As Cities Burn and SONS. They also remind me a little bit of The Glorious Unseen and their beautiful style of worship. They of course sound a ton like label-mates The Frozen Ocean. Not shocking is that Evening Lights was produced by none other than Dave Swanson, who just happens to be the leader/singer of The Frozen Ocean. Now I know why they sound so familiar! This crazy mixture of sounds and bands makes for a very scattered listen at times.

Matt Henchcliffe’s voice reminds me of a mixture of John Ball and Coldplay’s lead-singer Chris Martin. His voice delivers the lyrics perfectly. Now for some downsides: some of the songs feel disjointed and Matt’s vocals Don’t always fit the style of music they are playing, making for a weird experience.

The lyrics are, of course, very worshipful. They aren’t corny like the top 50 worship artists are nowadays. I wouldn’t say they are totally ground breaking, and they can getting a little tiring. They just didn’t seem to pique my interest most of the time. The vocals also seem a bit washed out with all the music.

But other than the many similarities between other bands and sometimes boring lyrics, this album is a good worship album. It deserves to be heard and for free, who can resist. Just Don’t expect a perfect album becauseĀ Evening Lights has its fair share of problems. I do see a very bright future for this band if they refine their craft. In the end, I Don’t feel like there is much else to say.

3/5 Stars: Maybe it is because I just couldn’t get into this album or I just didn’t like it. I Don’t really know. All I know is that this album put me to sleep. I do understand that this is a good album and that is why I’m giving it 3 stars.

Brian Morrissette