Even In the Darkest Places

If you haven’t heard of Every New Day yet, consider yourself warned. This Canadian 3 piece is on the rise and coming up quick. On their sophomore release with Hand of Hope Records, Every New Day’s “Even in the Darkest Places? should hopefully propel these guys to new heights. They have a sound similar to that of hometown favorites Comeback Kid, but throw in enough metalcore to give Killswitch Engage a run for their money. These guys have great lyrics and a great sound for all of you dancers to dance to. Melody, aggression, gang vocals and galloping drum rhythms propel this album from one song to the next while not sounding trite and overused. Every New Day also utilizes some friends for guest vocals when Comeback Kid’s Scott Wade steps in on “Walk Alone? and Travis Waugh from The Divine Romance appears on “Colder?. This is a great second album that leaves the listener looking forward to future releases. Pick this up if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands or a fan of Embrace Today, With Honor, Evergreen Terrace, or Bury Your Dead.

Guest Writer