Emergency! Emergency!

*Re-published under the permission of the writer. Courtesy of Phantom Tollbooth.*The Emergency was a band who had to switch its name, now going by Ten 33. Ten 33 is band from the East Coast, straight edge music, fast drums, guiatars, with a hardcore throw and grit-type feeling. Not exactly straight edge but adding an element of a grittier not-so-youth-crew taste, at times _Emergency! Emergency!_ can sound slightly reminiscent of old Facedown band, Dodgin’ Bullets or a rougher and grittier Comeback Kid. The music is fast paced and hardcore influenced.Thirteen tracks long, each rolls from one right onto another, so three or four tracks can be like one song. _Emergency! Emergency!_ deals with back stabbing and how common it is, searching for redemption, and some rougher issues. Don’t expect run-of-the-mill hardcore (a la bands that are constantly emulated); expect fast-paced straight edge music, cranking guitars (fast), drums slightly more intricate then the slamming t-t-t-t beat (and fast), vocals with grit (not quite hollering, but fast), and a bass line to support it (and keep the pace, as well). Fast is what is here, fun for the fans of straight edge, download a few songs of Ten 33 and XLookingForwardX, and look into some of the lyrics. Check out the Blood and Ink Records website for more information.www.bloodandinkrecords.com

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