Embrace the Eternal

It seems like nobody knows who Embodyment is anymore, and that’s a shame. While Embodyment spent a lot of time touring with other well-known Christian bands like Zao, No Innocent Victim and P.O.D., they were unique in their all out, unrelenting death metal sounds. Embrace the Eternal is the perfect snapshot of a blue-collar band doing what they do best.

I discovered Embodyment in 2000 or so, and didn’t like them at the time. Going back and listening to this CD brings back a lot of good memories. I like the CD a lot more now. But whether that’s a result of passing time or changing tastes, I find that after I put aside fond remembrances and nostalgia, it’s not much more than a solid CD. It doesn’t really break new ground–not that it tries–but it does know how to rock.

This is a hard CD to not like. It’s style is straight-forward, the guitar-work isn’t great, but it’s good. The drums are average. Embodyment’s singer is passionate, but let’s face it, he’s no Dan Weyandt, or even a Shawn Jonas for that matter. It’s simple, and maybe that’s its charm. A lot of music today tries too hard to hook you on gimmick, but Embrace the Eternal is just good old, in-your-face metal.

Looking around the internet, it seems that nobody cares about Embodyment anymore. And in the scheme of things, it’s understandable; they were a relatively short-lived band in a tiny market. They didn’t push music forward, they didn’t change the world. But since when does everything have to? Give it a shot, and let me know how you like it.

Guest Writer