Doubt Becomes the New Addiction

I was shocked when I listened to FTS and heard they just signed to Facedown. FTS isn the typical Facedown band at all, Facedown hosts more metal and hardcore, while FTS take a more pop rock stance.

The opening to this album is just terrible, the first track is a breakdown that transitions to track #2, which is a full track. The breakdown is sloppy, generic and completely out of place. Fortunately after the horrid introduction, the album becomes so much better. The female vocalist has a great voice that fits the edgier pop rock style. The screaming isn too common, which is better that way, because the screaming isn the best I’ve heard, no dynamics at all.

The album has cathy tunes,lyrics and clever bridges, but the length is too short and I quickly found myself growing weary of listening to FTS.

I can see the female scenesters” eating this album up rightly so I might add but the hardcore or technical metal crowd need to look elsewhere.

Guest Writer