Dirt Floor Hotel Part 1

I am left pretty empty feeling when I listen to this record. I do not know what it is but I cannot get into this style of music. It is rather quiet, dark and hollow sounding. It’s not that the musicianship is lacking on this album, but it is the production and huge lack of it that makes my ears cry with blood when I listen to it. Maybe the title of the album is a description of where it was recorded.

With all of these negatives things said about it, I can point out the fact that the packaging is very enticing, and the song writers and musicians should have a great future in music so long as they get produced at the level they perform. I have broken this album down track by track and wrote notes about each one. With my “listening? notes I hope you do give this album a chance. I may not like the album but it doesn’t mean that others of you will not like it. I always give everything a fair chance, and you should to.

Nerves Left Exposed
Haunting vocals, droning guitar melody similar to any Mazy Star with male vocals

So The Words Disappear
The guitar melody and piano melody come together and drift apart from time to time as they are lost without each other. It is very quiet and ambient with the two instruments.

Reverb is all over the singing, and drums are heard for the 1st time. Around three and a half minutes into the song the pace picks up when the drums hold down a solid beat instead of the overused expressive thumps heard throughout the rest of the song. This is a very dark sounding song.

Modern Day Hobo
The repetitious guitar work sounds very folk like and bluesy. The drums are missing and that takes every ounce of blues vibes from the song.

Morning Stories
This track starts very promising. There is an ambient melody in the background, soft slow drums, and a nice bass and guitar line. This is the most solid rock-type of song on the album thus far. Nice exit out of the song with the drums only

Love Letter (For All That Its Worth)
Sounds very sad with simple acoustic guitar work, we are now back to the Mazy Star sound. Nice short song

The Rope
The clean chorus guitar and upbeat drums reminds me right of hand of The Cure. That soon ended as the song lost all speed that it built at the start. It does turn out as a nice little song that ends in destruction however.

The Mazy Star influence is dominating once again. This seems to be a song about how the Lord speaks to the writer.

I Love To Feel The Turning Of Pages
What a great title. The song starts out with a wondering guitar line with a grinding mechanical sound in the background. Two guitars seem to be looking for each other. This song has no vocals.

What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul?
This is another folk song with good lyrics, and a nice guitar solo is displayed here.

Slow Train To Hell
This is 100% ambient sound and sort of sounds like a train rolling through a rural town blowing its horn. I hear that anyhow, and I think you can to if you try.

Another quiet song in which a man just sings with an acoustic guitar.

Guest Writer