Deliver Us From Evil

There is not a whole lot I can really say about the debut release for Sacred Sorrow. There are parts that I enjoy, but then again, there are parts that are just hard to listen to. “Deliver Us From Evil? sounds like a mix between early AFI with a touch of metalcore. Musically, Sacred Sorrow plays fast old school styled hardcore punk which then suddenly shifts over to a tough guy hardcore style with brutal breakdowns. The tempo shifts make the breakdowns sound pretty brutal at times. The vocals, on the other hand, need a bit of work. Vocalist Blake Lockman can scream with some of the best out there, but really needs to work on his melodic singing. It almost always sounds forced and off key. A few stand out tracks are “No Surrender?, “Idolatry of Fashion? (with the exception of the cheesy repeated “We’re Not Yours? part) and “Social Suicide?. “Deliver us From Evil? is an album for fans of AFI, Prosper and Anguish Unsaid.

Guest Writer