Gideon is a hardcore band new to the major league scene and is the newest signing to one of the top Christian metal record labels, Facedown Records. When I got this album to review, I thought it was just another plain old, over-played, hardcore band, but when I clicked on it in iTunes, I was proven totally wrong. Yeah, Gideon may play normal, not generic, hardcore with a few twists and turns, but they do it perfectly and better than any other band that I have heard lately.

Not being a huge hardcore nut, even if I do like this genre, I may not have the best comparisons for this album to make my views seem spot on. Costs has some old-school hardcore breakdowns (Overcome” and “Living Sacrifice”) in it mixed in with some machine-gun-like drums that make the album move extremely fast and hard. It also has a new-school metalcore (‘August Burns Red’) feel to it that makes it more modern and smoother to the ears.

One thing I can’t seem to get enough of on Costs is Daniel McCartney’s dark and mysteries guitar solos and leads. Timmy Naugher’s deep bass lines and the bass intro in the song “Costs” are just awesome and set the tone for the rest of the album. Lead singer Daniel McWhorter’s guttural shouts and screams remind me of a softer Jake Luhrs (ABR) mixed in with the darker moodier voice of Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter). One thing I really think is nice about Daniel’s vocals is that I can usually understand what he is singing and screaming about. There are some cool legit clean and gang vocals scattered in this album though not enough to make any big impression on the listener.

I don’t have the lyric booklet for this album so some of the next paragraph is going to be a shot in the dark on what some of the songs are about. “False Profits” is a play on words and well you can probably guess what it’s about:fighting against false prophets. “Virtue” is about counting the costs and deciding to walk in the path of Jesus Christ. The lyrics on “Gutcheck” are about checking yourself and making sure your heart is clear of sinful garbage and idols. Now I wouldn’t say these guys are lyrical scholars but they know how to write some good straightforward and hard-hitting lyrics.

Though some of the tracks do start to blend together at times it’s not that big of a deal on such a great album like this. For being a new band they come out sounding like they’ve been in the music industry for years. This fine-tuned album will turn many heads of new and old hardcore fans alike makingthem pay close attention to what this band does for years to come. After listening to this album I can see why Facedown decided to bring them up from Strike First before any album came out from them. This incredible album is a definite candidate for the best album or at least the best metal album of this year.

5/5: Possible best album of the year!

Brian Morrissette