Contrary to Popular Belief

Not Long After formed in the beginning of 2001. So far they have put together an EP, a full length, and have played on the Vans Warped Tour.2002. They are one of the hardest working Christian Punk bands around. There new full length “Contrary to Popular Belief? shows how dedicated these guys from Vancouver Washington are. They are one of the best bands on the fast emerging record label New School Records. When I heard the track “You Got It? I immediately picked Contrary to Popular Belief up. The album instantly got playing time in my stereo. Track 10, Times Forever Ours has a sullen, emo, lonely sound with lyrics that show love, loneliness, and moving on through life with the Lord by your side.

?It’s over, I never thought you leave. You looked so good by my side, the perfect one for me, But are you really gone and is it really true? How can it be when I’ll I think about is you? Memories of better times gone by, in my room and underneath the stars I know, its better off this way, at least for now and though it’s sad In time You’ll fade away. Sometimes, love can be so hard, but if God has a plan for you and me we won’t get very far??

This song is angelic. Contrary to Popular Belief is filled with songs that bring out emotions that we often unconsciously hold back. The album hits chords in our hearts that are extraordinary. The lyrics are pure and passionate. The band plays with tightness, exposing back up harmonies that are precise to the guitars and bass. The drums are outstanding. Chris Miles puts beats into the melodies of the songs that bring out the nucleus and the substance of the songs. The presence of God is heard and felt through Not Long After. These guys rock. Again, they rock.

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