Confidence: Torchbearer Vol. III

As a native of Brooklyn, New York, Conquest serves up his sophomore effort Confidence” in classic underground hip hop fashion while unapologetically addressing issues both inside and outside the boundaries of church walls. In seasoned veteran fashion Conquest rides the extra gritty and grimy beats better than most; bearing straight-laced confidence without a trace of displaying a cocky swagger. His flow is lyrically refreshing and free yet he somehow manages to consistently include a key ingredient in all of his songs that most christian emcees ignore: Relevance.

His relatable storylines-based on personal experiences-provoked my imagination and painted clear yet vivid illustrations in my mind without any extra brain power usage from me. Like a good jump-shooter gains more playing time through wise shot selection Conquest is definitely wary of overusing punchlines and focuses on crafting solid songs built around the foundations of catchy yet thoughtful hooks. In “Seperation” he boldly revisits some very serious issues within the church body from child molestations that go on in all denominations to the very unfriendly competition that goes on in Holy Hip Hop today. Speaking with a noticeable lisp doesn’t stop him from making his message convincingly clear either. As a matter of fact it adds an x-factor of uniqueness to his entire being that draws the listener in. His overall talent is undeniable but his message and approach are both inspirational and quite personable. Young adults from the playground to the pulpit will definitely benefit from this dose of Confidence.

Guest Writer