Alternative rock has become quite mainstream lately and not so “alt” as it used to be. It seems like we’ve even forgotten what the word alternative exactly means. It means for something to be different or not conforming to what the majority thinks is cool. Well luckily there are still some bands out there that appreciate and understand true alternative music. One of these bands is Sleep for Sleepers which after going on hiatus has come back as the solo artist pseudonym of Jamey Price. After having a successful Kickstarter campaign; Jamey went into the studios to create SFS’s latest masterpiece Conditions.

Now Don’t think that Sleep for Sleepers becoming a one-man-show has softened the music any. On the contrary Sleep for Sleepers is harder than ever. On the song “Dark” there’s even some awesome metalcore singing done by guest vocalist Sean McCulloch (Phinehas). The guitars on this album sound less clean and amped up with lots of effects. Now I’m getting a little ahead of myself and skipping the first track “Conditions.” This song sticks to about the same SFS sound but has a maturity that the other albums didn’t have. “Conditions” also plays out like a new Anberlin track or b-side. “Conditions” really showcases Jamey’s outstanding vocal talent. His performance on this song makes for one of the highlights vocally. Then all of a sudden the EP switches gears from alt rock to a more ballad lite-rock sense with “Cold War.” This balled also employs a sort of snazzy dub-step beat. This song was written against the Westboro Baptist Church and their extreme theological views. The lyrics really make this “Cold War” stand out. The next song “Burn” stays on the same track laid by “Cold War.” “Burn” still is able to retain its own uniqueness within itself. This assures that the listener will not be saying “I think I’ve heard this before.” The final song “Speak ” on this album harkens back to “Conditions ” making this album feel complete.

At the end of this album I was wishing that Conditions would have been a full length instead of just a five-song EP. With the maturity shown on this recording I can see Sleep for Sleepers really hitting it big soon. I sure hope after hearing this EP that an LP is going to be in the works soon. But for now I can say without a doubt that Conditions is definitely SFS’s best project to date making this EP a must have for any fan of good music. If you’re just finding out about Sleep for Sleepers then I would say this album is a perfect place to start.

41/2/5 Stars: One of if not the best alternative rock albums of the year.

Track Listing:

1. Conditions 4/5

2. Dark 5/5

3. Cold War 5/5

4. Burn 5/5

5. Speak 4/5

Stay Strong


Brian Morrissette