Communicating in Heartbeats

South Africa might be a little behind in the scene” because Neshamah – Communicating in Heartbeats is not on par with today’s releases. Neshamah shifted gears from a hardcore sound to a more metalcore sound in this latest release.

The recording hampers this album in a lot of ways. It gives the album a raw/live sound to it and causes me to lose attention to the album which is the major problem of the album. The songs feel like they drag along. One second you are on track 2 then next thing you know you are on the last track and you Don’t remember a thing.

I will say that lyrically Neshamah excels greatly. They could be taken and put to praise and worship music. One song says “Reign Holy Spirit reign…. Here comes the rain” It is a very pretty song that puts you in focus right on God. Unfortunately that is the only standout track. The vocals weren’t bad either high and raspy screams with an occasional melodic singing placed into the mix. Although one track has a horrible metal singing voice that was just horrid.

Bottom Line: Neshamah leaves much to be desired as metalcore. If you enjoy metal with amazing worship lyrics you might want to check this out otherwise I Don’t recommend this album.

Guest Writer