Coming Into Clarity

Brian Morrissette | RATING: 8

Coolfield, an acoustic indie band started by the founder of this website, Bryce Cooley, has been making great music for years but always seems to go under the radar. Hopefully the Coming Into Clarity EP will get people to take notice of Coolfield and their music.

The first track, Running in Circles ” is a beautiful up-tempo beginning to this album with an acoustic folk feeling. The music really feels like it’s telling a story. “Time Passes By” has some cool and funky keyboarding by John Glover with Bryce Cooley’s soft and icy feeling guitars and vocals fitting the music well. This song almost has a Jason Martin (lead singer of Starflyer 59) feel to it that makes for a song that grew to be a highlight on this EP. “Learning to Fly” is a light and happy song with a poppy soundevoking the desire to dance in an open field. The keyboard in this song sounds like a cross between a toy piano and an organ which contributes to the pop feel in this song.

Next up to the plate is a lovely acoustic guitar-driven song called “The Chase.” With deep lyrics that at times are bitter sweet and an almost country sound with harmonica and accordian accompaniment this song stands out on the album. Last but not least is the indie pop/rock tune “Snapshots “in whichyou can truly hear the beautiful pipes of Brittany Hansen with Mike Sanchez’s drums rolling all through this song. Bryce’s voice reminds me of a mix between Derek Webb and Future of Forestry’s Eric Owyoung.

Why Coolfield has not gotten more publicly is a mystery to me especially when they’ve come out with such a nice little gem like Coming Into Clarity EP.

Joshua Clark | RATING: 7

Coolfield is an acoustic indie band that started with just ChristCore founder Bryce Cooley and developed into a full band. This is my first exposure to Coolfield so upon listening I didn’t quite know what to expect. Coolfield’s style of music is not what you would typically find me listening to but the end result left me pretty impressed.

The EP starts of with “Running in Circles ” which is an upbeat bouncy track driven by the acoustic guitar some nice keys and solid rhythm section. I can’t say this track blew me away but it grabs your attention and pulls you into this EP. This song has a very nice story to it and Bryce’s energetic vocals weave you through the tale.

“Time Passes By” opens with some neat keyboarding and right into some nice finger picking again with Bryce’s enchanting vocals. At first this song just seemed drawn out and repetitive to me but after a few listens it grew on me. This song also has a nice story feel to it. The instrumental work sticks out in this song including its interesting clap beat.

The next track “Learning to Fly ” opens up nicely with a smooth sound and a nice relaxing feel. I really enjoyed the lyrics on this track; the vocals draw you in and take you along for one great ride. The lyrics in the chorus of this song stuck out to me and got me singing:I fell into your sweet embrace and your loving touch intoxicates me. I feel at home when I’m in your arms.That’s whyI sing. The first two songs were enjoyable but average; this song is what drew me in and is my favorite track on the EP.

“The Chase” is an acoustic-driven track which would be my second favorite on this EP. I really like simple stripped-down acoustic tracks and find great beauty at times with nice acoustic ballads. The harmonica fits in with this song perfectly and complements the finger picking throughout the track. I think Bryce’sand Casey Alford’s (bassist) vocals fit extremely well with just the acoustic guitar and harmonica. Once again a story in this track draws you in.

The final track to this EP is “Snapshots.” This track starts differentlyfrom the rest of the songs opening with just the drums done by Michael Sanchez. This song has a nice indie pop feel to it. This is another well-written track and enjoyable music arrangement which helpsthe album end off pretty well. While I didn’t find it as strong as the previous two tracks “Snapshots” brings the album to a solid close.

With this being the first Coolfield albumto whichI have been exposed I must say that I was rather pleased with what I heard. Even though the music and vocals are nothing mind blowing there is nothing lacking about them. All respective members (Brittany Hansen – Vocals Casey Alford – Bass Mike Sanchez – Drums John Glover – Keys Bryce Cooley – Guitar / Vocals) are very passionate about what they do and sound great. A really strong point of the band is the quality oflyrics consisting ofa great sense of storytelling through each track. I also like the fact that the band membersdon’t just burst out saying they areChristians but that upon listening you can see their love for Christ. This is a major reason this CD delivers great stories crafted in each trackwithsolid music to back them up.

If you have any love for acoustie/indie music I recommend you not hesitate to pick up this EP. If you want something soothing to listen to let yourself be swept off by Coolfield’s solid “Coming Into Clarity.”

Guest Writer