Collection: 2010 – 2011

Comrades are one of the latest signings to the independent music label Blood and Ink Records. They are a passionate post-rock band out of Richmond, VA. Their music is in the veins of Deadhorse, Emery, and The Sleep Design. Like most post-rock bands, their music is almost all instrumental, which is a defining characteristic of the genre. So for people that need lyrics, I would say to look elsewhere. For people like me who are looking for something different, read on.

As I said above, they are almost completely instrumental, but unlike some bands Comrades manages to keep things interesting. How they do this is by having a ton of heavy guitar riffs. Sometimes it verges on metal breakdown-type power. They seem to be really into mixing Post-hardcore with Post-rock. Where this shows through the most is on the song Lend Me Your Heart.” I think this mix really plays to their favor on Collection: 2010-2011.What I find the most interesting is the combination of Emery and The Sleep Design. I like instrumental Post-hardcore; it is something that you never see especially in Christian music.

Comrades use their voices more like instruments rather than for singing. For the few vocal parts there are in this collection they are pretty hard-hitting and impactful. However the vocals are a bit unpolished and are rough shouts at best. The lyrics kind of remind me of talk-poetry similar to Levi The Poet and Listener. This may not be for everybody but I thoroughly enjoyed this type of lyricism.

Comrades’ collection of songs on this album for being taken from a couple of albums feels like they belonged together originally. On Collection: 2010-2011 Comrades puts together a sort of greatest hits and it shows. All the songs are very good and show that this band has a very bright future. The production is a little lacking on some songs making me have to turn the volume up on my old iPod. Later on this year they are going to be releasing their first true Blood and Ink Records debut album. So be on the lookout for that here soon; it won’t be one to miss.

4/5 Stars: Best hits of Comrades’ indie years–looking forward to hearing what they do next!

Brian Morrissette