Cold Hard Want

When House of Heroes unveiled they were working on a new album set to release this summer, I had one question: would it stand up to past efforts? After they came out with two amazing albums and one very good one, I didn’t know what to expect from Cold Hard Want. I thought that it would live up to my expectations, but at first it did not. However, after a couple of listens to my favorite tracks off the album, I soon realized this was a solid release by House of Heroes.

Just in case some of you don’t know House of Heroes, they are an alternative rock band out of Columbus, OH. They have now released four albums on Gotee and a couple independently. Their last two albums have been praised all across the music scene. People say they are like Relient K meets The Beatles. Their album The End is Not the End portrays this side of House of Heroes the best.

On Cold Hard Want, though, they chose a more Queen and Muse dramatic twist put together with punk rock aggressiveness. This style fits them well…that is until they slow things down to a laid back folk rock touch that reminds me of Andy Zipf or The Civil Wars. The music stands up to past albums, like Suburba, but brings with it a new twang and bite to it. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Cold Hard Want.

Lyrically my favorite track off this album has to be Touch This Light.” With words like these it captivated me:

“I can see you there

Reaching out for me

I can hear your voice

I wanna touch this light.”

Enough said right?

The album isn’t their best yet but it is pretty darn good. It is in contention for album of the year in my opinion. While I do miss the concept album design they have employed in the past a straight-up record from them is nice. I think I have my HoH fix for the next year or two unless of course they want to do another Christmas EP. With this album House of Heroes should become any music fan’s “household name.” If they don’t it will be a shame!

41/2/5 Stars: One of the best rock records of this year.

Brian Morrissette