Children of Fire

Oh, Sleeper has outdone themselves again with their latest album,Children of Fire. Not wasting any time, they kick off the album with an intriguing sound, causing listeners to be captivated instantly with vocals so convicting that the thought of skipping any song on this album will not cross their minds. The first track, Endseekers ” is a follow-up to the final track of Son of the Morning “The Finisher.” It also foreshadows the album which is nothing short of unorthodox heart wrenching and utterly powerful. As I heard these words being proclaimed by lead vocalist Micah Kinard my expectations were set high and I can confidently say they were met and surpassed by the final track of the album:

As he controls his captive (bring him to his knees)

I’m calling the bold to stand and (make the coward bleed)”

Song after song Children of Fire takes you on a journey of battling doubt and strife and shares in the hope within all of these realities. Oh Sleeper is known for their themed albums so I was not expecting anything different with this album. However they’ve taken the idea of a concept record to the next level by telling a complete story in which each song serves as a chapter of a bigger picture. Writing concept records are difficult enough on their own but creating a specific story in which listening to each song in order is crucial was a huge risk on Oh Sleeper’s end. However through being committed to each song and not being half-hearted in their work they achieved what they set out to do.

With tracks like “Hush Yael” telling a true story of a tragedy that ends in justice and “Means to Believe ” a song that speaks to the reality of what it is to be a follower of God in a secular world Oh Sleeper creates a unique connection with the eager listener.

Musically vocally and lyrically Children of Fire does not disappoint. They took risks they took chances and that is what makes Oh Sleeper stand tall amongst the many metal bands that are out in the scene today. They pushed themselves as musicians and they created each song with extreme intent. Fulfilling the foreshadow of what “Endseekers” projected in the first track in the final song “Children of Fire ” they conclude the album shouting in solidarity:

We stayed when all else deserted

Guest Writer