Children 18:3’s “Come In” is a Fitting Send-Off for a Great Rock Band!

I had a conversation with a guy the other day who listed Christian music as a genre next to old rock and country. I thought this idea was rather strange, maybe due to the style of music I listen to: bands like Children 18:3. Children 18:3 is a band that certainly does not fit into the stereotypical “Christian” genre. Yes, they have faith, but in the end they just write the music they want to write. That’s what I want from any band, secular or Christian; to express themselves though music and not hold anything back.

I love everything about this band: lyrics, vocals, music, and style. They themselves are Christian, which I think is awesome. Come In is not the first Children 18:3 album I have heard, but sadly it is the first I have purchased. I now plan to buy their previous albums.

We can’t save ourselves. Because the best of us we’re all damned to Hell, but then glory come with the wedding bell.

This album is the logical progression from their third album On The Run. It is the band taking everything one step further. It is bigger, harder, and full of passion.

Everything I am is because of you…you. every step to the edge is in spite of you. Shed your grace. Shed your grace on thee!

The tracks that stand out to me are their cover of “Bethlehem”, as well as “Because of You”, and “Long Ride Home”. “Bethlehem” makes you want to jump around your room and head bang. It is aggressive, edgy, and even has an awesome guitar solo. “Because of You” resembles The Star Spangled Banner and really serves as a reminder that you can be respectful of America even in the state that it is in. Not to mention it’s incredibly catchy and made it difficult not to get up and jump around. “Long Ride Home” exhibits Lee Marie’s voice so well and almost had me in tears by the end. She is one of my favorite vocalists.

Come In is Children 18:3’s final album and “Long Ride Home” was an amazing finisher allowing them to lay their hearts out on the table.

We’ve got a long drive home, are you coming? We’ve got a long last song.

Phillip Noell
I've been through so much in my life and Christ was the only thing that could save me so for over a year I've poured myself into any door God has opened. My passion is music and Christcore is my heart.