Catch For Us the Foxes

It is always so hard to review these guys fairly. They are so innovative and intelligent it is sometimes hard to figure out what they are doing. I heard a quote once; the problem with a genius is they have a hard time waiting for the rest of us to catch up. That is how I feel when I review these guys, sometimes I just Don’t get it, but I know there is something amazing that I am missing. I never fully appreciate these guys until I listen to the CD like 45 times and all of a sudden the beauty of it all hits me.

Compared to their CD A – B Life” This CD is much more upbeat. Especially track 2 “January 1979” this track has a wonderfully dancible beat. Though this CD is more upbeat do not think hat Aaron’s passion for his lyrics are not just as intense or driven. The passion is still there. One thing I was relieved to find was that he still does his yell / sing style last I heard they were debating on whether they wanted to change that. So lucky for us they did not. He does add a somewhat new vocal style to the mix though it is hard to explain I would say a desparing talk voice examples of this are on “Paper Hanger” and “Carousels” very different but very cool.

Musically this CD is very out there a lot of weird noises a lot of different styles coming through on each track. Their is so much musical diversity highs and lows on this CD it makes it so difficult to review. It is more of an experience than a CD those of you who have seen MeWithoutYou live know what I am talking about.

There are a lot of things about this CD that I may have done different. The only trouble with saying that is like I said before I just Don’t get it. Saying this CD is rad just doesn’t really fit this CD is what it is I like it a lot. Check it out make your own decision.

Guest Writer