Calm Seas Don’t Make Sailors

Foreknown is another band I was anticipating since the release of Future Destination records compilation. They are a metal band with a similar sound of As I lay Dying.

The album starts with a slow very melodic minute long opening track with some soft screams and flows through track 2 like it’s the same song. I personally am getting tired of these opening tracks because they are just filler to make the CD 10 songs long. The rest of the CD is filled with very powerful energetic tunes. Drums have some great double kicks and they are mixed very well so your bass pounces. The guitars are well played and the bass is very well done, some awesome breakdowns that no one can resist car moshing to. A lot of times the bass is produced not as good as the other instruments but Foreknown sounds very well, better than some better known produced albums. The lyrics are powerful, convicting and very straightforward. Foreknown has stated countless times that they put Christ first in everything; this is definitely a ministry band.

The CD is a little short, 10 tracks, but overall this is a very good CD that I enjoy thoroughly. Its fun to listen to because of the energy it has. Check it ”

Guest Writer