If Undeceived is Extol’s Mona Lisa, Burial is their Lady With An Ermine. Not their masterpiece, but a work of art nonetheless.

Starting out with the instrumental Into Another Dimension” Burial sets the tone immediately. If you Don’t like your music heavy enough to crumble the foundation on your house you might want to turn it off before the singing starts.

Listening to this CD with a knowledge of Extol’s future releases is kind of like hearing Mozart’s first symphony. It’s brilliant but you know they can do better. All the pieces are there–the amazing breakdowns the stellar drumming Peter Espevoll’s gut-wrenching screams; but comparing Burial and Undeceived side-by-side you can see how much they’ve matured since this release.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Extol are their lyrics. These guys are absolutely and unabashedly devoted to Christ and it shows. The theme of destruction in ourselves and redemption through Jesus is common on this CD. The burial of our egos and sinful human nature is necessary if we’re to focus on God as we are told to do and Extol likes to reminds us of that.

On the downside the production is a bit lacking. Some of the songs sound a little muddy though that’s certainly understandable for a first release. I’m also not a fan of the monotone singing and stiff music on “Jesus Kom Til Jorden For ” D?” (Jesus Came To Earth To Die).

However the message Extol is bringing combined with passionate vocals and excellent musical talent definitely make this a CD to own.

Guest Writer