Brokenness Aside EP No. 1

There is a new worship duo making a name for themselves. All Sons and Daughters, formerly known as Sons and Daughters, is the musical project of Leslie Jordan and David Leonard. The two began working together back in 2009, writing music for their church family in Franklin, Tennessee. Jordan and Leonard currently serve as Worship Designers for the Creative Arts Ministry of Journey Church. So while Brokenness Aside EP No. 1 is the debut EP of the band, it is nowhere near the beginning of their journey as musicians.

The EP is notable for its direct lyrics and gentle compositions. Light in tone, the message of Brokenness Aside explores the depths of the heart. Being some of the most raw worship songs I’ve ever heard, they are honest and full of passion. After hearing the title track alone, I was already ready to recommend this EP to everyone who would listen. Having heard it in its entirity, I’m happy to say my recommendation is still standing strong if not stronger than before.

Alive” opens the album. The lyrics “Your mercy’s rising like the sun on the horizon” set a positive and realistic tone for the next six tracks. “Let it Shine” has powerful lyrics as all of the tracks do. Opening with a soft melody and vocals with lyrics like “there are a million reasons to cover your eyes but the light is shining through the darkness we hide// so come let it shine ” it serves as a reminder that Godandlsquo;s light shines through the darkness. This is an analogy that I feel canandlsquo;t be stressed enough throughout our lives.

David leads the vocals on “All the Poor and Powerless ” bringing a nice contrast to Leslieandlsquo;s voice. The song is appropriately named calling out to people who have been to their lowest point. It is a wonderfully written song; the vocals and instruments suit the lyrics from the beginning when speaking of the heartbreak we sometimes face in life to the ending declaration that God is still greater.

All the poor and powerless/And all the lost and lonely/And all the thieves will come confess/And know that You are holy

Directly following the sea of vocals that end the previous track come the lyrics “Will Your grace run out if I let you down? Because all I know is how to run.”There is a deep silence behind those lyrics even though an acoustic guitar plays in the background. “Brokenness Aside” is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever heard. It makes no excuses and asks the questions we’re sometimes afraid to even think about God and His Love for us. The chorus repeats “I am a sinner if it’s not one thing it’s another. Caught up in words tangled in lies but You are a Saviour and You take brokenness aside and make it beautiful.

The instrumentals on these tracks are brief but lovely engaging the listener to wonder what lies ahead on the next track. “I Am Set Free” is a song of praise that repeats the words “yes Lord we are grateful for You grace and Your love” but what really got me thinking was the line “it is for freedom that I am set free.”

Usually there is at least one song on a recording that I don’t like but “Your Glory” rounds it out for an even six out of six songs that will touch you heart and please your ears. With another beautiful instrumental the song opens again with the vocals of David. As the two voices harmonize it is such a relaxing peaceful song that emphasizes the great exchange of Love between God and His people. The very ending is so beautiful; the sound fills the room in a way I feel symbolic to the way the presence of God surrounds us.

This album is special for many reasons but mainly because in it they are not afraid to sing songs everyone can relate to. Everyone has been lost at some point; everyone has been tired lonely or hurt. Everyone has faced a tragedy and everyone has been broken.

Even so the interesting thing about this recording is that it would be fitting in the bad moments as well as the good. It is such a worshipful EP full of thankfulness grace and Love. I highly recommend it and look forward to the next EP to come from All Sons and Daughters. Also if you are a musician the band has made the chord charts for each song available on their website. Be blessed.

Guest Writer