Broken Voice

Broken Voice is My Epic’s third release on Dreamt Music/Facedown Records. When My Epic released there second amazing record Yet last year I didn’t think they would be coming out with a new album for a long time. I definitely didn’t expect a raw acoustic release from them. I guess these guys can do anything and it well turn out great.

For the people that may not know who My Epic is they are an indie rock band in the veins of so long forgotten As Cities Burn and Modest Mouse. Their last album was incredible and I gave it a 5-star review. So I was pretty stoked when I heard they were coming out with a new album. Then on top of that I heard that they were coming back with a raw “different” style. This made me worry thatBroken Voice wouldn’t stand up to my expectations. Well boy was I wrong! This maybe is a new sound for them but they play it out perfectly. This album feels even more personal and real-life then even Yet was able to deliver. Along with the “deliver” being spot on I thought the string section was just brilliant. Aaron Stone’s voice is perfect for the music as usual and fit the music just right.

The lyrics were inspired by a placed called the Machina House a Christian mission house founded by My Epic quite a few years back. Most of the lyrics are about joy found through God and about the struggle between God and us sometimes. They also deal with insecurities found in a faith in God.

My Epic on Broken Voice shows a different side of themselves. I wouldn’t say this side of them is better but that it is on par with the rest of My Epic’s spectacular catalog. Broken Voice would be worth picking up if somebody already has Yet or I Am Undone. If for some reason somebody hasn’t picked up one of their first two releases I would say to check out one of them first.

4/5 Stars: This band is like good Italian food: it only gets better over time. In all seriousness this album is amazingly awesome.

Brian Morrissette