Broken Pledge

There is nothing insincere about the upfront in your face hardcore brutality of this six song record. Alove For Enemies has perfected a formula to get you motivated to follow them in their walk with Jesus. The lyrics present everyday struggles we all go through in such an honest way you can feel the writer’s emotions through your speakers.

The production quality on this album is wonderful. Every single note played can easily be heard due to the excellent knob turning in the studio. There is not one instrument that over powers the others.
The growling on this record is as far from ‘singing? as you can get without sounding stupid. The levels of intensity are never over done either. Your typical hardcore vocals are what singer Erich Barto offers. He does a great job keeping you interested in the song by the style of his singing. He never gets too throaty for you to not understand what he is saying, and he never sings either. The typical thing in hardcore is to scream the verses and sing the choruses. This is never heard on this recording.
The guitar work is raw and in your face with it’s chunky low end tones. The guitar players do a great job of working together through out every song. A few of the songs have parts in them that are almost guitar solo’s but not even close to your typical glorified fret fest. These are more like secondary melodies to make each song have a little more flavor to them.

Being one half of the rhythm section the bass guides you though each song like constellations guide sailors. This is recorded in a simplistic manor. There are no expressed tones or effects on the bass. The bass does more than its normal duties by focusing on its primary role and not straying from it.
On many albums snare drum tones are processed so much they sound like electric drums. The rawness from the snare makes you think you are standing right next to the drummer where as the tightness in the bass drum helps you remember you are standing right next to your ipod. The bass drum has a very tight tone which only helps give this record that raw feel. The very first drum roll on this album lets you know there is no horse play when it comes to the drumming.

This album is an in your face motivational speech with some sick breakdowns that make you want to pull off that double spin kick you have been working on. With some of the best lyrics, guitar thrashing, bass basic’s and drumming in the business, this album is sure to get you out of your seat or over to the fast lane on the freeway. The final song is a three minute piano piece. I thought this was a nice touch, as it works like a time for prayer for you to think about the things said on this album.
If you are fans of bands such as Earth Crisis, Strongarm, Hatebreed, Zao, or Mortal Treason you should go buy this record today.

Guest Writer