Broken Mirrors

Red Cord Records’ newest signing Mercy Screams has recently released their first full-length record Broken Mirrors. Mercy Screams is a heavy worship/metalcore band. They are in the groove of The Great Commission For Today and War of Ages. When I first heard that Red Cord’s was signing these guys I was immediately interested in what they sounded like. One of the major features that caught my attention before listening to this album was the great cover art done by Dave Quiggle of Facedown Records. This fact alone made me immediately take note of this band because when somebody like Dave contributes to an album it has got to be good. That rang true here.

I wasn”t too shocked when I heard they had a musical style similar to For Today. What did amaze me was the intensity they brought with that vibe. On top of that they bring an old-school aggressiveness which reminds me of hardcore bands like Gideon and Overcome. Lead singer Jeremiah Hirsch unlike Mattie Montgomery (For Today) hardly ever uses “clean” vocals. The times that he does they are kind of a half-distorted clean and half-bark vocal combo. He doesn’t do this much but when he does use this interesting variation of them they accent his screaming vocals well. If I can say one thing bad about Jeremiah’s vocals it would be that I wish he would have utilized the hardcore-to-clean-vocal transitions more.

Broken Mirrors is one gigantic breakdown heaven probably making for an awesome live show with one or two breakdowns each song. This just amps up the crazy brutalness of this album Making this a definite need-to-hear for people who like music to head-bang and mosh to. I’m not one of those people but I still think this is one of the better metal releases of this year.

The musicianship shines through on songs like “Brofest” and the “Most Dangerous Game.” This quality makes Mercy Screams seem to have an abundance of talent and well worth listening to for anybody who is into the precision side of music.

What really shines through lyrically is this band’s heart for God and reaching out to the hurting. This album contains some of the most worshipful metalcore lyrics of this year.

Mercy Screams and their album are a breathe of fresh air to a dying metal scene. I Don’t mean to say this record is mind-blowing but that it is filled with real music. This is not your typical chart-topping pop which so many of us are tired of. Broken Mirrors is a real record made by real people for real people.

This was a great signing for Red Cord and shows they know what they are doing. This record is going to be one of the sleeper records of this year one people probably will overlook but shouldn’t. With the passion they bring on this record I wouldn’t be too shocked in the next year or two to see this band go big. Either way I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for both Red Cord and Mercy Screams.

4/5 Stars: Red Cord Records has picked up their future star band. Hopefully they won’t break-up before they go major. For the present Broken Mirrors is well worth the time to check out.

Songs that shined above the rest: “Brofest” and “Broken Mirrors”

Brian Morrissette