Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Have you had one of those mornings when nothing works to wake you up? You tried the cold shower, drank a pot of coffee and even done the “dew?, yet everything fails. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis by Silence The Epilogue will do the trick, I guarantee it.

The punishing growls and screams throughout this album are some of the best I have heard in a long time. These are not your typical low pitched mumbling vocals that plague a lot of the current metalcore bands. These are the screams that are mid-pitched and sang with so much desperation they have the grinding hollow tone to them.

The bass guitar on this record reminds me of old school used by thrash metal bands. It is not a thundering bass tone by any means, yet it is used in an efficient manor. The clean bass guitar tone is needed on this record. Many bands in this genre skip the importance of the bass when they enter the studio, and this was not one of those cases.

The guitar playing on this album is wonderful. Once again the older thrash metal tone returns. Heavy distortion with lots of mid range and some fast playing make for exciting listening. Some acoustic guitar overdubs as well as a few solos are on here as well. These are played very well and do not sound forced, as they fit the songs naturally.

The drumming is extremely good! Upon first listen I knew this was one of the bands strong points. Not that any of the other areas are lacking, but this is some of the best drumming I have heard from a metalcore band in a long time. Many times through the album you will hear tempo changes and the drumming is on point every single time. The drums sound so honest due to the top notch recording

Overall this is a great record. Every element it takes to create a good metalcore record makes the grade here. Then you have the excellently skilled knob turner Barry Poynter producing the album. If you like bands such as Testament, Living Sacrifice, Symphony In Peril, and Zao this is an album you need to buy.

Guest Writer