Before You is a Blessing and a Curse

Dressed In White is an unsigned five-piece Christian/metal/hardcore band out of Sacramento, California. Dressed In White comesout heavy and fast with their release Before You is a Blessing and a Curse. These guys run along the lines of Impending Doom and A Plea For Purging, giving us some straight up heavy metal.

Lead vocalist Jeffrey Engelage comes atthe listenerwith some intense, guttural screams throughout the album. I am pretty impressed with the screaming; there is a mix between low growls and some higher-pitched screams. It’s a good addition having a nice variety of screams, and they kept things interestingby notproducing the same type of screaming all of the way through the CD. The higher-pitched screams I didn’t find as strong as the deeper growls, but they still get the job done. In Koombiya by the Campfire” there are some clean vocals thrown into the mix. It’s nice that they didn’t overrun the album with them which several bands become prey to. They were nicely placed and were a nice change in the album.

Dressed In White strikes hard with their musical hammer of a metal/hardcore mix. All of the tracks sound really solid and are mixed nicely. There is some really strong drumming in this album that stood out to me. Drummer Ryan Haugh pounds away and has a nice variety of speeds. Jonny Reeves and Josh Reeves are no slouches on guitars and provide some nice riffs. Whilethe listeneris enjoying this powerfully heavy musical experience the band delivers some passionate and truth-filled messages.

This EP is just a little short havingonly six tracks and a total running time of about 22 minutes and truly It’s onlyfive full tracks since the title track is not even a minute long. Each of the individual tracks actually are a decent length with each one being around four minutes. I guess if the only complaint is thatan album is that it is too short far worst things could be said aboutthat album sothe short length isnot too big a deal.

It’s hard for me to actually pick a favorite track off of Before You is a Blessing and a Curse. Things start up pretty insanely with “Sleepy Head Sleepy Dead” all the way through to”I Wrote 99.9% of this Music.” The album is strong and powerful but the only downside is that some of the songs run together.This doesn’t discredit any of these tracks because each one is a well-crafted metal track. It just would have strengthened the album if there was a little more variety.

Dressed In White definitely deserve a place up there with about any other heavy metal Christian band even though they won’t stand out from the crowd just yet. With this being their first release there is plenty of time for Dressed In White to work on their sound and make something truly unique that is simply Dressed In White’s own sound. One can tell that the passion is there and these guys mesh well together on the album. I think with time these guys can grow and will make something really special happen while making an impact for God. Overall though this was a solid release and I look forward to seeing a full release from these guys sometime soon!

Guest Writer