Awakening Vesuvius EP

Fueling their music with intensity and energy Inked In Blood have definitely created their own style and set themselves apart from others. What you might think is another same ole metalcore album this is definitely not.

The cd starts off with radio news chatter with what sounds like the September 11th attacks, then it bursts out screaming and a few pauses and next thing you know you are picking your jaw off the ground. The whole cd keeps this crazy whats gonna happen next feel. The whole cd keeps this feel to it.

The vocals are excellent. They can range from a yell style (think Trauma or Comeback Kid) to a scream(As I lay Dying). Also moments of talking are interspersed throughout. These usually transition to a breakdown or a total change is pace of the song. The last song has a girl quote this line and then there is a choir like hymn of some sort in the background with the vocalist screaming. It sounds amazing. The lyrical content is also excellent. It is pretty deep and talks about more than high school struggles.

The guitars really stand out. They contain good riffs and these middle song breakdowns that are almost impossible not to dance to. The bass is nuts! I just installed a bass tube in my car and it is definitely a good album to test it on. It sounds great. The drums are also played superb. The cymbals are used accordingly so it doesn’t sound like a cymbal rage.

This album is chock full of energy and so much fun to listen to. Pick it up ASAP. StrikeFirst has an awesome deal too at their site. $10.99 for the IIB and you get to pick 2 other EPs. There is no reason you should not own this album!

Guest Writer