Autumn Heart

SONSOFDAY is an alternative/acoustic rock band from Portland, OR. SONSOFDAY consists of three brothers that look like The Monkees” and some other family members that only play on the albums. They have released two albums one in 2008 called Fragile People and their newest one called Autumn Heart which is the one this review is about.

“Stay” starts the album out and shows off the great voice that Vlad Belonozhko has which could be compared to that of the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls with a catchy chorus “Stay don’t run away/ I wanted I still want you today/ Ever the same I just can’t stand to watch you turn away” that will stick in your head for hours making this song a great beginning to this album. The next song is “Revolution ” which makes it apparent that SONSOFDAY knows how to craft very catchy songs. Roman Belonozhko’s ringing guitar playing stands out beautifully on this track and complements their other brother Bogdan’s thundering drums interweaving between Roman’s guitars. “Autumn Heart” is up next. Vlad’s vocals on this track have a rougher edge to them than the past songs. Vlad and Roman’s guitars sound like wind chimes on a blustery day.It ties in with the lyrics perfectly which are about summer’s passing and autumn’s arrival which relates to life.

Next up to make your head spin is “Seems Like ” with an acoustic guitar taking front and center creating a more laid back feel. The chorus in this song could be interpreted as a plea for God to stay with you forever or a love song about someone you loved and lost. Track #5 is “Learning to Survive ” which talks about a loved one that died. The overall emotion is sadness with Vlad’s and Roman’s guitars soaring like an Eagle and Vlad’s voice full of remorse and regret. “People Get Ready” is an updated version of a 1965 gospel and RandB tune by The Impressions. SONSOFDAY’s version keeps with the originals gospelesque sound with Vlad’s vocal talent showing and Roman’s and Vlad’s guitar work beautifully capturing the old southern gospel ring in their playing.

The radically different song “King of the Parking Lot”–with its cryptic lyrics funky electric organ and Vlad’s voice sounding like the late Ben Orr of “The Cars”–makes for one of the best and most pleasant songs on the album. “Summer Fades” slows everything down to an even pace. Vlad’s vocals go back to a gruff tone with words about knowing why things are happening while guitars echoing off invisible walls imitate horns. Number 9 is “In the Hardest Times ” which as you can guess is about going through difficult times persevering through them and ultimately relying on God. Vlad’s vocals soar on this track and all throughout this song is a lovely piano played by Vitailiy Belonozhkz.

The bittersweet song “Only One” has Vlad playing one mean acoustic guitar and his voice sounding worshipful and moving at the same time with lyrics that need only be listened to once in order to feel the real meaning. “We Are One” is a perfect match for the last song. Again Vlad’s vocals are praise oriented and joy filled and the lyrics are about how God is eternally there for you. Lastly is “Everything.”It fits in beautifully with the previous two and adds some more depth with lyrics talking about how God wants us to be whole again. These last three songs which are kind of like a trilogy end the album on a high note.

Musically there is little that is new to the secular scene but in the Christian one they are a new breed of great musicians. With no low note to be found SONSOFDAY have crafted a masterpiece that has been overlooked by most Christian reviewing websites and fans alike and I probably would have too had I not met Vlad and one of his brothers on my flight back home from vacation.

Brian Morrissette