Are You Watching Closely?

Not many bands get together the way the The Attending did. They started out as a outlet for former Life In Your Way band member Corey Stroffolino. He then began working with producer Greg Thomas (Shai Hulud Hostage Calm and Ambitions). After a little while things began to slow until a personal tragedy began to make Corey think about stuff. He then decided to team up with Greg again and bring aboard Thomas Lavery David Alcan and Brian DiCrescenzo giving The Attending a new and exciting life.

After hearing about their unique beginning I was hoping to hear the same from their music. I couldn’t be more happy with how they sound. They present a different post-rock sound blending sounds reminiscent of As Cities Burn and Thrice with those of instrumental giants The Frozen Ocean and Deadhorse. They also manage to bring a small amount of alternative rock similar to Anberlin and Ivoryline into the mix. Having this variety of music makes this album an enjoyable and unique ride. The most memorable tracks on Are You Watching Closely? are the fast-paced guitar-driven song “Pin The Sidewalks” and the post-rock anthem “Larger Than Life.”

Are You Watching Closely? is a seven-track album that is going to make The Attending huge. After hearing this album I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. They combined good alternative rock with independent-minded rock to craft some magnificent tunes. The music then seems to fly away from there. This album will definitely be making it on my end-of-year best-of list.

4/5 Stars: Simply great alternative rock! It is a must have for fans of plain old good music.

Brian Morrissette