Track Listing:
3.Exaleiphein – Movement I
4.Movement II
6.Xenos – Movement I
7.Movement II

Bless the lord, this is just beautiful metal! Aletheian(pronounced a.lay.thee.en) means truth” in greek. Coming out of the ashes that were Crutch comes a name that represents their line-up change and style better. Harder darker more intricate beautiful instrumentals that slam and blend melody and darkness and just breathing different metal influences throughout. This band is an American band with a strong European feel to it think of old Extol(with pianos) or some of the more intricate Euro dark metal out there. Some of Aletheian’s old material(when they were still Crutch) is what got me hooked on metal the good metal none of that imitation metal. If you’d like to find some good American bands that play
good Euro Metal this is a good place to start. Plus you get a nice layout for cd booklet artwork.

Guest Writer