All Is Fair in Love and War

I first heard BBABH on a compilation cd from Fdrecords and since then I have been anticipating this release for quite a while.

BBABH brings something new and refreshing, and its great! BBABH’s vocals are outstanding. The vocalist growl/scream is near perfect. It is probably my favorite screams I have heard. It sounds good with no music (which you’ll hear in track 6) and it sounds great with music. It isn’t too deep, isn’t too high, it’s perfect. Lyrically the album talks about sexual immorality, pointing fingers at God and relationships. There are plenty of laughing moments on the album as well that must be heard.

The CD starts with a very cool, 80ish intro. The intro gave me chill bumps the first time. It flows right on with track number 2 so it blends real well. The rest of the cd continues with the same awesomeness. The fastest double-bass kick I have heard on track 3 and guitar riffs that range from every genre. Lots of 80s surprises and lots of hardcore breakdowns. This album fits no genre, except just straight up metal.

The only flaw with this album, and with a lot a lot of new releases now days are the shortness of the cd. Only 9 tracks, one of which is an intro. All the songs are 3:30 ” 4+ minutes long, but there needed to be at least 2 ” 3 more tracks. Its only around 33 minutes long but this is still an amazing album. The greatness on the album overpowers the lack of tracks. I would say it is my favorite album this year.

Guest Writer