All Forgotten Things

For a while now worship artists have been popping up out of California. They have a distinct style to them, mostly consisting of a guitar, piano, and vocals. One of the newer ones to come from there is Josiah James. He has released a couple albums before this, gaining him a name around the Pacific Coast. We, meaning I, reviewed his 2010 release,Oceans. I gave the album an 8/10, and I had this to say about it: The songs on this album are passionate worshipful tunes that at times can sound like too many other worship artists.”

On All Forgotten ThingsJosiah branches away from the genre of Southern Cal worship that is dominated by Phil Wickham and Lovelite.His voice is very similar to Phil Wickham but a little whinier. That isn’t to say his voice is bad; it just doesn’t have a smoothness Phil Wickham owns. The title track shows off his voice best because it is almost all his vocals alone. OffAll Forgotten Thingsthis song probably equates the best in live shows.

The song that shines musically is “Broken and Bruised ” which incorporates an electric guitar reminding me of Phil Wickham’s song “Coming Alive.” The influence of Lovelite and electronic music is still prevalent. It shows throughout this album that Josiah has broken away from other artists but still retains the same sound.

Josiah James is one of the better up-and-coming worship acts in Christian music. As he moves forward inhis career more people will hopefully get to know how great a musician he is. I am entirely shocked that nobody has signed him to a record contract yet. After this release that moment may be coming soon. One great aspect to his work is that the listener can see his big heart for worshiping and praising God through his music. That fact alone makes this album stand out.

4/5 Stars: God is going to use this guy for big things.

Brian Morrissette