A Moment of Imperfect Clarity

Spoken a band known to have a powerful driving force on all their releases introduces A Moment of Imperfect Clarity which isn quite like their previous works which were rapcore induced. Instead A Moment of Imperfect Clarity is a brilliant mix of melodic hardcore and hybrid hard rock combining Chevelle 12 Stones Finch and The Used. Although a lot of their die-hard fans may not like this Spoken has created a brutal melody. But Spoken’s Tooth and Nail debut is not a modern convenience to sellout and make big bucks. Yes the project is more melodic and the rap-rock is pretty much forgotten but they haven’t lost their identity. Instead Spoken has molded a balance between a brutal edge and a strong driving melody. The quality lyrics have relevant themes such as strength levels in God missing and loving loved ones understanding people and remembering others all with a strong dose of Christian values.

Before people start to shun Spoken taking some time to check out the new sound and reading some of the lyrics will allow the listener to make the best educated decision possible. Here are a few snippets of lyrics from AMOIC: to begin inform the reader. “Promise” states “…things will get better this I promise you and I know that you won’t feel this way forever . . . .” “A Breath in the Fog says “…I’ll keep my eyes on you my dreams may not come true I may fall on my face still my hope is in you all I need is the strength to make it through…” and “In Dreams” muses “…heaven opened wide and I could see the glory of God shining through my clouds of doubt…”.

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