A Man Can Change His Stars

The dictionary defines the word deceive as follows: to lead into error; to cause to believe what is false, or disbelieve what is true. That is exactly what happened to me on the first listen to this album. I thought this was going to be another boring rock band.

The album starts out with a basic guitar riff that seems anyone could play. What you probably will not hear is the tight compression on the guitar to give it that extra thickness. That is consistent through the entire album. The guitar work is simple and that is what makes is so great. There are no trendy harmonics or glorified solos on this album, but what you will find is lots of texture. Different tones and melodies through out the album are what give the guitar’s their edge.

With the guitars filling in texture you need something for them to fill around. Outstanding bass work on this album holds down the main riffs throughout many songs. The bass tone is deep and thick. On songs like “Every Dream? the prominent thundering bass seems to be what the song is written around. With the bass playing being so great on this album it makes sense why the basic guitar work sounds so good.

You will not hear a million different cymbals on this record. When listening to this album all you seem to hear is your basic drum kit, with the normal hi-hats, a nice big ride, and two different sized crash cymbals. Many bands today are over using cymbals to cover up poor drumming, and that is not being done here. The solid foundation of a rock song roots from the beat. This album is chalked full of rock solid pounding drumming.

The singing on the album is very innovative. It seems to have a common sound in the first few tracks, but further into the album you get, it starts to stand out. The way the singer stretches the syllables on the longer words and rushes the shorter words is very creative. Shorter words are sung in a lazy manor at times as well, and this keeps you drawn into the message of the songs.

It is hard to place “A Man Can Change His Stars? into a genre. Giving an album a category will only limit the amount of people who will listen to it, and stereotyping is a waste of time. I would have to say at best, this is a good rock and roll album. That pretty much leaves it open to everything, but if you enjoy bands like the All American Rejects, Saves The Day, Thursday, Noise Ratchet, and Further Seems Forever you will love this album.

Guest Writer