A Life Set Apart

A Life Set Apart is a five-piece rock outfit located in Star, Idaho. The band has a really raw sound musically that works out fairly well. It’s a typical rock sound, but the raw production works especially well for the guitars. The band has some nice drumming from Jacob Apsley, and the bass fills out the rest of sound, courtesy of Reid Harrell. The issue is the band doesn’t throw in much of their own twist, which doesn’t make them stand out from the numerous other young rock bands.

I was not a huge fan of the vocals on this album. A Life Set Apart has both a male vocalist and female vocalist. The male vocalist (Prestin Apsley) and the female vocalist (Morgan Wolf) switch off through the album, which I always find neat when a band can pull that off. The vocals aren’t that bad, but they came off as rather average. They seemed monotone to me at points and just didn’t have a ton of life in them to keep all the tracks exciting. Part ofthe problemI think is how they were mixed in;it seemsas ifthey could be polished up a little more and would fit better. Play Something ” I would say was the exception and Morgan Wolf’s vocals flowed nicely with the soaring guitars. Also I would say if they tried throwing in some more screams as they didin “Take Me” and “One Reason ” that would help a lot more with vocal variety and help to change things up a bit.

The main thing I think A Life Set Apart has going for them is theirfairly solid guitar riffs both from lead guitarist Derek Reaves and rhythm guitarist Prestin Apsley. They aren’t anything special but they are pleasant and stick out on the album.The band’s stronger suit seems to be in the heavier rock songs. These tracks had the most energy passion and variety. I don’t know what it was with the more stripped-down tracks but I just could not get into those. They just seemed to drag on and I came away bored from them. I can see the band wanting to put some in to change up the pace but at least from my view that hurt them more than it helped them.

The standout feature for this band though is their message. Even though I’m not blown away by the vocals and their sound this band has a real heart for reaching out to people and sharing the love of Christ. In the long run this is what really matters and I’m glad that they have so much heart in their message. Also they are sharing many difficult issues concerning life and the heart as well as also trying to comfort peoplewithproblems and help them deal with what they have gone through.It’s good stuff and really nice to see from a young band.

A Life Set Apart’s first track “Confession ” would have to bemy favorite off the album. It has some pretty solid guitar riffs and then a really nice groove through the chorus which flows well with the vocals. This track also showed how a great number of the songs would sound for most of the other eight tracks. It was hit or miss from that point onwhich ones stood out to me.

Overall I just got a very generic feeling out of this album. There were some songs I really enjoyed and some I didn’t like at all. A little more vocal variety would help strengthen the album a lot. Prestin and Morgan have some alright pipes but with the same format for each songone canget a little bored from their vocals. The music is not bad just not unique enough to stand out from other rock bands. I look forward to seeing where the band goes in the future though. Their message is something that everyone should hear and could make a real impact on this generation as well as people in general. Unfortunately though the lyrical quality can’t define the whole album. The band is young though so they have plenty of time to further their sound as well as grow as a band musically and spiritually. There is definitely potential hinted at here and one day I think they can craft something special. As far as this album is concerned it falls short of being a solid album and is a rather generic effort. I do appreciate what these guys are doing though and their heart for ministry. I have no doubt these guys are already making an impact for Christ and will continue to do sofurther down the road on their journey as a band.

Guest Writer