A – B life

mewithoutYou. what a surprising band of 2003. I late 2002 / early 2003, the buzz about mwY. Left and right I read song refferences in profiles, in journals, you name it. They took this music scene by surprise, and completely powerful as well. Though I do not know what A – B Life means, or the significance to the record, it is deffinetly a title you will remember. With a post hardcore poetic sound to them, and amazing stage performance, its hard to not know who mwY is.

The album consists of twelve tracks released on Tooth And Nail records. I am a fan of this album, and there are many fans as well, but I am pretty sure we ALL can agree that mwY is in need of a new cd. Thats the only down side I have to this review. The songs are just getting really old. They need a fresh new sound, a fresh new album. I havent even heard rumors.

This album is very real, its very true, and most of all, it takes work to make art like this. I suggest this to anyone who is into hardcore, or just really weird emo. A very amazing album indeed.

Guest Writer