7 Trees

Anvue is an up and coming acoustic indie/pop band out of Los Angeles, Ca. Their sound can be described as a cross between Company of Thieves and The Arrows and many other bands of the same genre. Anvue has garnered some attention in California by winning the 2008 Mavric Award for best acoustic song of the year. Now they are ready to take their music nationwide.

The first track is called “Oh One Day.” The track’s sound is largely full of bubbly piano played by Michiko Hill and Sarah’s vocals reminiscent of a showtune singer. The lyrics in this ditty are about how one day Jesus will return and how he can’t wait for us to come home to Him. “Fearless” is a shift in gears to a more country feel with Patrick Slaven’s acoustic guitar whistling along with Sarah’s voice which in this track is more like the sister duo Tal and Acacia. “Psalm 116” is of course out of the Bible. This song is more of a worship track than a regular pop tune. Sarah’s singing on “Psalm 116” haunts the listener the whole time with this Hawaiian-music tint to it.

Number four “I Am ” turns this album down to a crawl with the guitars limping along; again there is more of a worshipful sensation to it. The lyrics are about Jesus coming to save us. “I Am” is the most dazzling anthem on 7 Trees-EP. “Smile” is a song that captures a beautiful summer day in a song. Michiko’s piano energetically pops in and out of Patrick’s sweet-like-candy guitar strumming. “Smile”‘s lyrics are just about love and how it makes people smile. Up next is “Waiting.” First off the listener will notice how Patrick’s acoustic guitar create a gruff tone mixed with a muffled sound which makes the tune have an acoustic rock sound. Sarah’s vocals have a blues and jazz pitch to them. Lastly is “Lily’s Song ” which is inspired by their Compassion Child.It’s a mid tempo song in which the acoustic guitars sound almost Celtic in a weird way. “Lily’s Song” ends the album on a high note but still leaves you wanting more.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they become well known here soon because their music is wonderful. The only major low note in this album is the mediocre song “Psalm 116 ” which is not half bad but it feels out of place. I was a little bit skeptical when I first saw the name Anvue but after one listen this album had my heart even though I am not a huge acoustic pop fan.

Brian Morrissette