500 Words

If you’re familiar with B is Bridgie you know that the husband and wife team have been working on developing their musical sound. I have enjoyed their past recordings but it is clear with this new EP that the couple has progressed! Maybe it’s the California sun or their kind personalities that nourished this comfortable “feel good” sound but I can see this as the ultimate addition to my roadtrip playlists. I feel this indie gem is going to be the first in a series of addictive projects from this band.

Admittedly from the first 20 seconds of and ‘Call it a Day’ the EP had my attention. You’ve got some pleasant guitar work from Jon and a catchy beat that sets a “sink or swim” moment for what happens next. As you’ll hear the band not only swims but they make it beautiful as Kim’s lovely vocals work into the layers. From there the song only gets better with a catchy melody natural drum beats and a busy arrangement of electric guitar. I always have high hopes for an album when the first track goes over so well but notoriously EPs usually hold something back. I don’t feel that was the case here because the first song accurately sets the tone.

The flow into and ‘Spoons and Forks’ is the kind of thing you’ll find yourself thinking of randomly throughout the day. It has that kind of punch to it that will leave you wanting to hear it again. It has a progression that plays out naturally birthed from skillful layering. On top of the foundation set by guitar and leading vocals comes backing vocals and a more complex drum beat. From there the track ebbs and flows and the result is quite pleasing. I think this beautifully sums up the partnerships between vocalists and musicians showing that the group is full of talented individuals who work just as well together as they can stand on their own.

and ‘Breather’ has this lovely nostalgic feel to it. Not in a campy or cheesy way but because it so matches the skill and creativity of 90s music that it feels like something that would have been good enough to be on every radio station in a time when talent got you radio plays. The music once again is top notch and it would seem that Kim is really coming into her element as lead vocalist.

Even though there is something to love about every track I’d say my favorite song of the collection is and ‘The Other Night’. The vocal control needed to do such a “sing song” melody is impressive. The lyrics are clever and the way the singers work together is pure gold. The music unfolds at a rate that just makes you feel good and you’re left wanting to hear more. You get just that with and ‘Intersections’ which is one of the most musically noteworthy songs on the EP.

The signs are all there that this is a band on the rise. The musicians are comfortable with each other and work to create a sound that is very easy to listen to. The vocals are addictive and soothing at times the lyrics are heartfelt but gentle the sound is unique. I see great things in the future of this band and it is my hope that 500 Words is a launching point for this band’s 500 tours!

You can check out more from the band and stay updated on all that is Bridgie on the band’s Facebook!

Guest Writer