Ep. 47: We Have Privacy Concerns, Maybe

This week I’m joined by Mark, missed ya buddy, good to have you back! As well as Mark’s brother in law and my friend Matt! We have a lot of fun tech, tv and movie news as well as a discussion on governmental / private business spying. Does it happen? Does it matter?


Bullet Points:

  • Nintendo Switch Console
  • Everything you need to know
  • Hacked webcams shutdown a large portion of the internet
  • More Info, recalled
  • NBA to offer “zoomed in mobile view”
  • Instagram is testing out live video streaming
  • Those ‘official’ apple chargers on Amazon aren’t so official
  • Facebook employees argued Trumps posts banned as hate speech
  • Smart Security Cameras can tell if you’re texting and driving

Tech we’ve Been Using

Bryce: Sling TV (3 Month / Roku Streaming Stick)
Mark: iPhone 7


Bullet Points:

  • Dwayne Johnson & WIll Ferrell Wrestling Comedy on Fox??
  • Candy Crush TV Series??
  • Westworld Addresses Game of Thrones Crossover Idea?
  • Jessica Jones Season 2 to be fully directed by women
  • Like Monty Python and THe Walking Dead? Maybe you’ll like this TWD recap by
  • John Cleese
  • FX’s X-Men Spinoff Legion releases crazy trailer
  • Quitting The Walking Dead

What TV we’ve been watching

Bryce:  Black Mirror, Walking Dead Season 7 (controversy), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Mark:  Black Mirror, Walking Dead, Tales From The Crypt,
Black Mirror Watching Order: Season 3, Season 2, Season 1 (starting from Episode 6 and working back) and then the Christmas episode.


Bullet Points

  • Captain Planet Movie in the words by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company?
  • There are two Mulan Live-Action movies and one of them is directed by A Game of Thrones Regular
  • Aquaman director says movie will have “Indiana Jones Influence”
  • Donald Glover will be Lando Calrissian in Han Solo Spinoff
  • Some Doctor Stranger reviews are coming in and …….
  • Deadpool 2 lost the original director, who should direct the sequel?
  • James Gunn or Edgar Wright

What Have You Been Watching

Bryce: The Fundamentals of Caring, Zero Days, (started) Sleepy Hollow, Nerve (13 Sins)
Mark: Jurassic Park

Discussion: Government spying, is it okay? What if you have nothing to hide? What level of surveillance would you personally be comfortable with if any?

  • Wnyc: Radiolab: “Eye In The SKy”
  • UK admits to spying for 17 years, won’t stop
  • Edward Snowde Movies: Citizen 42, Snowden
  • Zeroday: SPying on other countries for our protection
  • Smart Cameras
Bryce Cooley
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