Ep. 43: What did you think of the debates?

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Tech (Anthony):


  • Apple announcements
  • Software updates, addressing early iPhone 7 issues
  • Reactions to the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2

Bullet Points:

Apps or tech you’ve been using:

  • Bryce:  Lord of the Rings: Adobe Cloud CC, Shadows of Mordor
  • Anthony: iOS 10, Verizon
  • Ryan:  absolutely nothing

Television (Bryce):


  • The debate 2016, thoughts? (keep it brief)
  • There are a lot of shows I’m watching.  Often a lot of shows that I fall behind on for whatever reason.  What causes you to fall behind on a show (aside from obvious lack of time.)  What causes you to choose one show over another?  What are your top 4 shows in your “I’ll get to that queue” what’s stopping you from watching them.
    • Bryce:  The Knick, The Americans, Tyrant and Mr. Robot
    • Anthony: Chef’s Table, Better Call Saul
    • Ryan:  Narcos Season 2, Turn,

Bullet Points:

  • FX renews Atlanta & Better Things
    • Donald Glovers new Dramedy is very good.  A lot of very serious good drama and acting mixed with quick wit and interesting characters.  Better Things stars Pamela Adlon, I have not seen it, but it’s basically like a female led “Louie”-esque show and she’s a Louie regular and crushes it, so I’m sure it’s good!
  • Netflix is aiming for 50% original content
    • This is a good news bad new situation.  Good in that most Netflix series are great and most Netflix movies are good/great.  This however is bad because they’ve even said “not every show needs to be a home run” which is basically saying, yeah, not all of it will work, but what are you going to do, watch Hulu?  To that I say…. Yeah fair point…  The other half of that 50% will of course continue to be licensed content which is getting more expensive as they understand how lucrative their content is to sites like Netflix, hence the change..
  • Shows I’m excited about, this fall season.
    • Westworld, Last man on Earth, Black Mirror, The Exorcist, Luke Cage, Son of Zorn???, Quarry, American Horror Story, Documentary Now
  • Coming to Netflix this month:
    • Ferris Bueller (coming of age comedy), Grizzly Man (documentary), Unforgiven (western), Black Mirror (horror?), Kung Fu Panda 3 (animated movie), The Fall

What shows have you been watching?

  • Bryce:  American Horror Story (s6), Atlanta, Documentary Now, Fear The Walking Dead, Son Of Zorn, The Strain,
  • Anthony: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Narcos, Chef’s Table, My Roanoke Nightmare, Atlanta
  • Ryan: Narcos, Border Patrol, South Park,

Movies (Ryan):

Discussion: Are Rom Coms bad?  ROM COMS perverting the idea of  love

Bullet Points:

  • Sam Neil’s role significant?href=”http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/thor-ragnarok-who-is-sam-932640″>http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/thor-ragnarok-who-is-sam-932640

Coming Soon In Theaters: The Birth of a Nation, The Girl on a Train, Underworld: Blood Wars, Kevin Hart: What Now?

In Theaters: The Magnificent Seven, Snowden, Storks, Sully

What movies have you been watching?

  • Bryce: Last Man Standing, I Am Not A Serial Killer, The Purge 1-3, The Ones Below, Don’t Breathe, Welcome To Collinwood, Zero Days, Popstar, CEntral Illengence, THe Shallows
  • Anthony: The Nice Guys, Civil War, Last Days In The Desert, Central Intelligence
  • Ryan: Audrey & Daisy, Admiral, Civil War

Welp.. That’s all we have for this week.  Be sure to check back next week to discuss whatever else happens in this crazy world we live in.  I’m Bryce cooley you can hit me up on Instagram and Twitter @christcorenet.  Ryan where can they find you on Instagram @rpconnelly90  and you can find Anthony on twitter and instagram @thecrowing33.

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