The American Candy Tour Got Us Right in Our Sweet Tooth

A windy San Francisco day didn’t stand a chance against the kids waiting in line at the Bay Area venue, Slim’s. An endless queue wrapped around the small building. When the doors opened, a sea of backwards baseball caps, flannel shirts, and khaki shorts filled the empty space.

The American Candy Tour kicked off with the openers, The Technicolors, a rock band out of Phoenix. They put on a great show and got the crowed amped up for Knuckle Puck, the next band up. With a short commercial break, literally just a screen blocking the stage in between sets, Knuckle Puck really got the crowd moving. Pop-punk crowds have high expectations when it comes to small shows and this concert lived up to those standards. There wasn’t a shortage of crowd surfers, and getting kicked in the back of the head while trying to capture great shots is just an occupational hazard I suppose, but it is well worth the pain and trouble. The rowdy crowd came to a halt when the set ended. When “The Illinois Sad Boys”, Real Friends took to the stage, they picked up where Knuckle Puck left off. Dan Lambton, lead vocalist of Real Friends sang his lungs out. The band played on and the surfers kept coming. Every once in a while one of those lucky surfers got to sing into Dan’s mic when he reached out to them, every crowd surfer’s dream. The rest of the night was filled with more crowd surfers, pits, and moving around. Before the headlining band, The Maine, took the stage their emblem glowed a vibrant blue alerting the crowd what was to come. The fans were wall-to-wall screaming as the members came out, especially when lead singer, John O’Callaghan, joined the stage. They played songs off of their most recent album American Candy, and though the album was recent, the crowd knew every lyric and sang along to every song.

All in all, the night was a success for The American Candy Tour.

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Brad and Sara Bennett are photographers out of the San Francisco Bay Area who co-run Bennett Shots Photography. “We love all kinds of photography but most recently concert photography has stolen our interests. Nonetheless we take advantage of every opportunity to shoot.”

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