PVRIS rocks The Warfield in San Francisco, CA

The evening of Monday, January 26th was a busy night for San Francisco venue “The Warfield.” As the minutes counted down, the line grew longer. Finally, 6:30 hit and, instantly, the enormous line becomes a somewhat single file one. I was the second in the door, if you don’t count the 100 or so VIP ticket holders who had early entry and had been inside of the venue already. Piling into the venue, one after another, fans crowded into the main floor where an orchestra would normally be placed, eagerly anticipating tonight’s entertainment.  As the floor became packed, the lights dimed signaling to the crowd that it was finally that time. Although PVRIS was an “opener” band, their San Francisco fans defiantly showed up. As soon as front woman Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, also known as Lynn Gunn, entered the staged dressed up in her signature black-on-black look, fans screamed and cheered. PVRIS delivered a high energy performance that got the crowd off their feet and their hands in the air. If this your first time in hearing of this band, you’re just in time to see them grow into a chart-topping headliner type of band and for those of you who have been procrastinating on listening to them, its your misfortune because this band has a great sound with tons of catchy courses that will be stuck in your head for weeks. PVRIS is relatively new on the scene and already taking the music industry by storm, their fan base easily grew by the sound of the roaring crowd after their performance.

A big thank you to Brad and Sara Bennett, photographers out of the San Francisco Bay Area who both co-run Bennett Shots photography.  They love all kinds of photography but most recently concert photography has stolen their interests. To see more or their photography please visit their web sites.




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