Emery and other Bad Christian Tidbits

If there is one thing you can say about South Carolina’s Emery, it’s that they’ve never come close to fitting into the proverbial box. You Were Never Alone, the band’s sixth full-length record will be dropping May 19th on BC Music. Additionally, fans will be able to experience each track meticulously discussed week by week on the brand new podcast from the BC Universe, Break It Down leading up to the album release. The first being “Rock, Pebble, Stone” now at Absolutepunk.net.

Each of the first 12 episodes will feature a song from the album played in its entirety along with clips and tracks pulled out from the recording session and stories, explanations as well as insights into the lyrics and themes explored. It will be a behind the curtain look at what goes into making Emery’s music.

Before completing work on You Were Never Alone, members Matt Carter, Devin Shelton, Toby Morrell, Josh Head and Dave Powell built up the BC Music brand by crafting a solid roster and cultivating a following of loyal fans who appreciated the band’s nontraditional approach to the rapidly changing music industry.

“We wanted to self release the next emery record but as we began to build an infrastructure to do that, it basically took off faster than we ever imagined and wanted to help these other bands and build the label to a high level before we released this emery record.” – Guitarist Matt Carter

Keep an eye on Emery’s socials to find out where you can hear a new track from You Were Never Alone each week.

Additionally, you can now fill all your BC needs with the new BadChristian App. Find blogs, episodes, merch and more all in one place in the palm of your hand.

Anthony Ibarra
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