Atrocities Demo 2015

Atrocities released a demo for New Year’s Day and with it came a new assault of aggressive in-your-face Jesus music. It’s very fine music. This time they are playing tighter and, with the addition of a new drummer, the songs feel heavier and hard-hitting, even more so than their last release. 

The first track “Pride” features Alex Gutzmer of Colossus, which is pretty impressive for a band that is fairly new to the scene. “Flawed” was actually released as a single shortly before the other two songs. This track tells of how the world and the things of it are so temporal and to focus more on heavenly things. The third and final track begins with vocalist Matt Orr screaming out “corruption” in disgust at the the issue of hypocrisy and the effects it has on people seeking life and freedom. These guys are progressing musically and spiritually to new heights in 2015. Their lyrics are more profound and they are tackling issues from new angles, even looking inward towards themselves. I’m excited to see what they come up with next, keep on the lookout for more soon.

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“She gave her life to Christ
Only to be cast out by the crooked mind that claims a false life of faith”

Phillip Noell
I've been through so much in my life and Christ was the only thing that could save me so for over a year I've poured myself into any door God has opened. My passion is music and Christcore is my heart.