With an all out attack that no one can rival headcount no one dares challenge and a message no one can resist prepare for the xDEATHSTARx. Seven members strong and two singers up on everyone else xDEATHSTARx hails from the utopian land of Redlands California where your friends are your family IBC root beer replaces Budweiser a church called “Titheme” houses a service full of hardcore kids and Thanksgiving is celebrated with a “ThanksVegan” feast.

Rudy(CCM):Which member or members am I speaking with?
J.R. Bermuda.

Rudy(CCM):Who is in the band Names and instruments?
(J.R. Bermuda).Myself- vocals.
Eric Gregson- vocals.
Kevvy D. Davis- vocals.
Jason keller- vocals.
Corey johnson- guitar.
Ryan gregson- guitar.
Tiny Travis boyd- drums
and the bass slot is empty right now.

Rudy(CCM):Tell me a little history about the band.
(J.R. Bermuda): xDEATHSTARx formed in 2002 in the best city on earth Redlands ca. The band started as a side project from other Redlands bands such as Cast in Stone. The band had so many members in it because we love our friends and wanted them to be included as well. We cut a demo soon after. After playing a ton of shows with many great bands we signed to life sentence records and released our first full
Length The Triumph”. After playing more and better shows a television
Appearance and lots of hard work we band signed to Facedown records. Our new full length is set to come out soon.

Rudy(CCM):What made you decide to call your selves xdeathstarx?
(J.R. Bermuda): If the world only knew what huge nerds we are. Especially when it comes to starwars. And what is more pissed off than the deathstar?! not much I’ll tell

Rudy(CCM):Describe what is like having 4 singers and why so many?
(J.R. Bermuda): Its really different having so many singers. In every aspect really. When it comes to writing lyrics and sorting out lines we really have to think more like a hip- hop group. But now it would be weird to picture it with less vocalists.

Rudy(CCM):What made you guys want to sign with facedown?
(J.R. Bermuda):We just heard that they were a great label and after a very brief deal with Broken sounds records we knew that they would be the right choice. They are a hard working bunch and really treat their bands well. plus we knew that we Would have support that other labels couldnt provide. we would have spiritual Accountability and people to lift us up in prayer as well.

Rudy(CCM):You guys were on Monster Garage recently how did that come about?
(J.R. Bermuda): Well the story goes the owner of Broken sounds records is friends with some people who work on the show and whenever they need talent they usually call him. A band dropped off and they called him for an act. He literally said “well i have a band youre gonna love that we just signed or a band youre gonna hate with a new cd out so people will watch the show to see them”. And i guess Jesse James was so sick bands he didnt like playing the show that they picked us. And we had no idea what it would be like but it was a blast. There were cars and cameras and midgets everywhere. And Jesse james really liked us he invited us to play his annual chopper show after that. the whole thing was a great experience. a huge blessing.

Rudy(CCM):I know all the guys in the band are straight edge explain?
(J.R. Bermuda): xDEATHSTARx as individuals and as a band stand for straight edge because we have seen too many lives destroyed by drugs and alcohol. Too many friendships lost. Most of us have been a part of Broken families that were torn apart by some sort of drug use and alcoholism. And we have seen too many hearts broken over the carelessness of people. And the hardcore scene means a lot to us and its those deep friendships that we have that get ruined. People dropping off or getting in trouble or sometimes worse all because they want to party. We represent straight edge because we believe that every person is worth more than that. and if there are no others we will be the ones to stand up and say no more. and we will be the ones to stand for the scene and stand for the kids.

Rudy(CCM):Also I know all you guys are Christians how has this influenced the band?
(J.R. Bermuda):xDEATHSTARx is definitely not one of those bands to keep silent about their faith because we want to be accepted. Because we want to be mainstream. That’s bullcrap. Jesus Christ has changed and enriched our lives and blessed our band so much that we could never take an ounce of credit. Our relationship with God is number one in everything we do. We believe in a deep relationship being lost on love with Jesus Christ. And we love to hear his voice and experience his gifts so much. We are supposed to give our entire lives to him and if he keep our band for ourselves just for the sake of making music then at the end of the age it will just burn to ash. it was for nothing. And we as a band and as brothers agree the second this band is not about Christ we will tear it down ourselves.

Rudy(CCM):I know Facedown Fest was awesome because I was there but how was for you guys?
(J.R. Bermuda): Facedown fest was the bomb! We had a ton of fun and were very blessed and after speaking to kids we knew that they were blessed as well.

Rudy(CCM):I did notice at facedown fest you cut your set sort to let someone come up and share explain why that was important?
(J.R. Bermuda):Yeah we did. The dude who spoke was our pastor of our church here at home and just about our best friend. We decided that it was important for him to speak because the bands were not there to jump around and to play music and be hardcore at just another hardcore show but we were there to love worship and represent Jesus Christ. And he spoke on something we think is really crucial. He spoke about number 1 the most important thing how Jesus was a real person really died and really loves us all beyond any understanding. but then number 2 how we get caught up in the world and don’t look any different than anyone
else. about how being a Christian is not just another opinion. Our lives are hidden in Christ! If we don’t have him we don’t have anything! And we just can’t get out of this prison. But Jesus came to set us free from this thinking set us free from being a slave to sin and he came to break these prison walls down!

Rudy(CCM):What are some of the main influences of the band?
(J.R. Bermuda): Its varied through out time some are Hatebreed At the gates disembodied tragedy dragonforce and many others.

Rudy(CCM):You guys have a new record coming out soon how was the recording process?
(J.R. Bermuda):Personally I hate recording. It’s the biggest pain ever but we had Eric Rachel at trax east studios do the record and we think its going to be really great. Some of the stuff on the record is different than our old stuff but we think its pretty dang good. people will be surprised that’s for sure.

Rudy(CCM):How dose the new record sound so far and when will we be able to hear a track?
(J.R. Bermuda): Well we are still waiting for mixing and mastering and everything so it’s hard to say what it sounds like. And we’ll get a new track out as soon as we can.

Rudy(CCM):Who did the artwork for the new record?
(J.R. Bermuda): Dave Quiggle did our artwork and it looks amazing. He’s one of the best in the biz a very talented and great guy. There’s really only one word that can describe the new art. TUFF.

Rudy(CCM):What is in the future for xDeathstarx?
(J.R. Bermuda): We don’t know where ever God wants us to go is more than fine with us. We will just keep playing shows and hanging out with kids and touring and doing as Much as we can until God says stop.

Rudy(CCM):If you could describe the band in one word what would it be?

Rudy(CCM):Any last words?
(J.R. Bermuda): IBCs Tattoos and Bar-B-Ques.

” live”

Guest Writer